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We have some of Ireland's most unique film locations all

within a short geographical distance

This is our work-in-progress website

Screen Wexford is the newest addition to Ireland's growing network of Film Offices, opening in September 2020. 

We are busy developing this service at present and are in the process of building a website to

showcase our unique locations, share industry-specific information, communicate our growing list of training programmes and provide advice and support to filmmakers in Wexford.

We currently have an extensive location database incorporating more than 4,000 images divided into over twenty categories such as Beaches, Castles, Rivers, Period Houses, villages etc which is accessible externally here

Film in Wexford

Wexford has been gracing our screens for decades. 

We have been home to major film productions such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘The Lodgers’ and the more recent Oscar nominated ‘Brooklyn’. Wexford county has a stunning and varied landscape with a rich maritime and Norman heritage, and is open for business for film companies nationally and internationally.

We are proud to call ourselves a green county and invest heavily in sustainable film production with particular concern for environmental, economic, and social issues. Here in Screen Wexford, we are committed to mixing up the social composition of the film workforce, both in front of and behind the camera.

Wexford has a mild climate in Irish terms. We are one of the driest counties on the island and also have the most hours of sunshine, which is much more favourable for outdoor shoots. Presently, we have one of the lowest rates of Covid 19 in the country and employ industry-standard safety protocols to ensure film shoots

operate under WHO and HSE guidelines. 

Wells House Ballyedmond - Brian Morrison


Hidden Gem Locations

Visit our existing visual database of locations here

Unique Talent

If you are a filmmaker and would like to register your skills with us,

please get in touch

Location Scouting Services

Are you a national or international film production looking for a location manager? 

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"Wexford has one of the most extensive locations databases in the country"

Gordon Wycherley

Locations Manager