This Is Screen Wexford

This Is Screen Wexford

Wexford has been gracing our screens for decades. 

We have been home to major film productions such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘The Lodgers’ and the more recent Oscar nominated ‘Brooklyn’. Wexford county has a stunning and varied landscape with a rich maritime and Norman heritage, and is open for business for film companies nationally and internationally.

We are proud to call ourselves a green county and invest heavily in sustainable film production with particular concern for environmental, economic, and social issues. Here in Screen Wexford, we are committed to mixing up the social composition of the film workforce, both in front of and behind the camera.

Wexford has a mild climate in Irish terms. We are one of the driest counties on the island and also have the most hours of sunshine, which is much more favourable for outdoor shoots. Presently, we have one of the lowest rates of Covid 19 in the country and employ industry-standard safety protocols to ensure film shoots

operate under WHO and HSE guidelines.

Screen Wexford is an initiative of Wexford County Council 's Arts and Economic Development departments and operates under Visit Wexford Tourism CLG, which is a collaborative partnership between private tourism interests, local government, tourism authorities and the local development sector from across the county and is primarily focused on promoting tourism in Wexford to the domestic and overseas market.


Screen Wexford  is also supported through Creative Ireland.