Screen Wexford is committed to developing a workforce in the field of Immersive Technologies. Since our inception late 2020, we have been exploring Virtual Production and Virtual Reality through research, interviews with industry professionals and training (experimentation with 360 cameras and game engines). We feel it is an important component of Ireland’s development in the entertainment industries and are taking steps to future proof the region for advances in technology in this regard. 

Screen Wexford is working towards delivering a series of online training opportunities in the field of Immersive Technologies. These are planned in two phases: 














































A series of online events giving a broad introduction to the Virtual Production and Virtual Reality (VR) space along with its current applications in the entertainment industries and its future potential. Five online events will be available to current practitioners, new entrants and training graduates. Primarily promoted to Wexford-based stakeholders, places will also be made available to the wider film sector in Ireland (max 100 participants).


The training events will be delivered as: • 4 x Masterclasses • 1 x Panel discussion with industry professionals


MASTERCLASSES For screen sector talent to embrace these new technologies and the associated work streams, awareness of the use cases for production and its development is key. Screen Wexford propose to bring some of the biggest and best international and national names to a series of online 

Virtual Production and VR Masterclasses.


Some of the topics and speakers we are exploring are:


MASTERCLASS 1 TITLE: Introduction to Immersive Storytelling and context for Film-makers


OUTLINE: Introduction to AR/VR/MR - definitions and hardware; UX fundamentals; International case studies highlighting 360 films, computer generated experiences and a hybrid of the two; funding and distribution


SPEAKER: Camille Donegan - VR Producer 




TITLE: How VR is being used for Pre-visualisation


OUTLINE: Insights and case uses for VR in pipeline processes in the art department.


SPEAKERS: Mark Maher - Art Dept - Odyssey Studios – 3d sculpting in the VR space Mario Beck - Unreal Engine - Environments





TITLE: 360 Film-making for VR OUTLINE: Introduction to VR filmmaking – 360 shooting and editing


SPEAKERS: Darren Emerson – 360 director – UK (TBC) Mary Matheson - 360 director – UK (TBC)





TITLE: Capturing Real Humans and Environments


OUTLINE: Scanned environments into AR and VR projects as backdrops or characters. SPEAKERS: Leon Butler Paddy Lane - VFX / photogrammetry and lidar scanning Volograms (Ireland)



PANEL DISCUSSION TITLE: A practical introduction to virtual production in an Irish context


OUTLINE: Modern Love case study. To cover: Setting up Kite studios, engaging with an Amazon production, challenges and opportunities presented by virtual production workflows.


SPEAKERS: John Conroy - Modern Love Peter Canning - High Res Unreal Engine Developer TBC – on working with cinematographers 

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